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For the anoretic...

... only skin and bones will suffice.

When all is consumed by Anorexia Nervosa
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This is a community for those who are inflicted and consumed by Anorexia Nervosa. When every thought, every action is plagued by this disease. When thin is not good enough, thinner is always striven for, and thinnest cannot be reached. The quest for emaciation is insatiable.

This community is meant for anoretics to meet, converse with, learn from, and support each other.

This community is not meant to promote eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa is not a diet. It is psychiatric disorder that should not be taken lightly. Do not come here to help acquire an eating disorder, learn habits, or be inspired to lose weight for events, short-term times, ect. An anoretic has a serious disease that is not a fad or a phase.

(I despise having rules but I must comply with LiveJournal)

*This community is moderated. If you wish to gain membership to this community, attempt to join (click the link at the top of the Community Info page) and send an e-mail to anoretic_all@yahoo.com. Please state some information about yourself and why you wish to join. Anoretic_all is very open and not elitist. Welcome ^__^

*This community is just starting out, and if you would like to be a moderator, I would love to know. Email me at anoretic_all@yahoo.com and please state why you would like to be a moderator. I trust if you look into the task, you will keep up with it.

*This community allows non-members to also post, but only as long as no problems arise. Membership is encouraged. Please, no trolling or flaming.

*Be respectful. This is a community meant for understanding, and honesty is a must. Yes, the truth hurts and that will be accepted, but be considerate.

*Picture posts need to be friends-only and under an LJ cut. I am not sure why but this is a LiveJournal rule. Please cite copyrighted photographs. Also, no nude or semi-nude photographs. This is unfortunate because our bodies are the objects of our obsessions and what we show should be up to us, but it is extremely necessary according to LiveJournal.

*Posts should be but do not have to be topic-related.

*Any questions, site suggestions, discrepancies, and so on should be emailed to myself, the creator/moderator at anoretic_all@yahoo.com. Do not hesitate to do so - I am here to help.

*This community was created and is moderated by gokillthelights*

"This community, it's moderators, and livejournal are not responsible for the actions or personal choices of any user, member, or reader. This community does not support or promote the development of an eating disorder. If you suspect you may have an eating disorder, please see a doctor. We encourage you to make wise decisions regarding your health." -xshatteredxskyx