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For the anoretic... [entries|friends|calendar]
When all is consumed by Anorexia Nervosa

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Confused. [31 Oct 2005|07:14am]

I attempted to send my info to the email address that you gave us, but it wouldn't send. So...should I just post it here, or try again?


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[20 Aug 2004|12:26pm]

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[29 Jul 2004|08:50am]

hmm, no posts yet. but, that's ok. this is still new, and... it happens.

the other day, i spent with my friend. she's pro-ana, and her body is so beautiful to me. her thighs are so small, and her arms are twigs. we have this odd, unsaid understanding... that if one of us eats, it's ok for the other to eat, too. and that's how we roll. i ate so much, god i felt disgusting. granted, it was all fat free, but... it was still so much substance. and i had been doing so well.

i ate at work last night, too. fucking too much. the restaurant was slow, and there's nothing else to do.


i have a lot more to say, but.. some other time.

today i am going for a hot-tea only day. i love those to death.
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[24 Jul 2004|10:30am]

I created this community a while ago, and that took a lot. I wasn't sure about other communites I had seen, and ones I did like, were closed. "Pro-Ana" is a touchy subject to me, for I am not actually Pro-Ana. I am anorexic, and to me, there is a difference. but... I'll get into that some other time.

I feel horrible that I have not kept up with this community. I just... things got crazy. and I couldn't take staring at this on the computer screen.

I cannot stand not knowing what my weight is. When my parents found out I was bulimic in February, they got rid of our scale. but lately... I can feel it. I can see it. I can pinch it. I am huge again, I know it.

drinking a lot lately has not helped, either. not at all. that's what has slain me.

I remember the day I woke up, and weighed in at 92 pounds. if I think too hard about that, I cry. it felt so beautiful.

I stopped purging back in March, I think. but I weakened and did it the other day. I still have trouble controlling my binges. I still suck.

I will be maintaining this now, if I have members. the member count right now? 1. but that is still fantastic. thank you, so much. please tell others about this community. support means so much.

current weight: ?
stgw: 90
2nd stgw: 85
gw: 80

... sigh.
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